Frequently asked questions

Does it cost money to download the app?

No. it doesn't cost money to download the app. The app is free to download.

What type of file are supported in a upload?

The files that we currently support are doc, docx, tif, jpg, pdf, txt, odt.

Is Safe Fax HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Safe Fax is HIPAA compliant. No faxes are stored which means no files can be tampered with, or altered. Our secure URL has 128 bit encryption.

How can I get a refund?

Refunds are only given if it is proven to have been a mistake on our end. No refunds of any kind will be given for the mistake of the customer such as providing the wrong/incorrect fax number, or wrong/incorrect information on fax cover sheet.

How long does it take for Safe Fax to respond to emails?

Please allow 48 hrs for a email response.

Will I receive confirmation that my fax was sent?

Yes. you will receive a detailed email confirmation on your fax status.

What's the maximum number of pages I can fax at a time?

You can choose to fax up to 4 pages at a time.

Can I receive faxes?

No. You are unable to receive faxes at this time.

Can I send a fax to any fax machine?

Yes. You can send a fax to any fax machine. There will be no diffence in the way that your fax is received. All faxes are recived by the recipient just as any fax machine would send a fax.

Are there any monthly charges to use this service?

No. There are no monthly charges to use this service. The only fee you will ever pay is the fee for your fax to be sent.

What payment method does Safe Fax accept?

We accept Vise, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.

Is there a question you have that wasn't answered in the FAQ's?

If so please send us an email with your question, and we will be glad to help you.

PDF File

Only one page pdf files can be faxed. No pdf file that contains more than one document will be faxed. Safe Fax is not responsible for any pdf file that contains more than one document attached that is uploaded and doesn't get faxed. Note you will be able to upload a pdf file that contains more than one document, but not all pages will be faxed only the first page will be sent.

Why did my fax come out dark?

The reason for faxes coming out dark is because the picture that was taken of the document wasn't in good lighting. You must take the picture of your document in a well lit area.

Why did my fax come out blurry or unreadable?

Your fax comes out blurry or unreadable because the picture of the document wasn't clear. When taking a picture of your document you must make sure that you take a clear picture, and that all words fit and are readable in the picture. Safe Fax is not responsible for the upload of bad quality picture uploads. To get a good picture make sure that you are in a well lit area,

I didn't receive email confirmation of my fax

Please be sure to check spam mail for confirmation email. Also to avoid email going into spam mail add our email address to your contacts.

Why is my phone number needed?

Your phone number is needed incase the recipient needs to contact you. Your number is also used incase Safe Fax needs to contact you about your fax. We only text you if we are given permission. To give Safe Fax permission to text you about your fax just simply check off yes on the fax form when asking for your permission. You will only recieve a text if we have a question. The text will be only a one time text. Your phone number will not be added to any type list.

Does Safe Fax charge for the cover letter?

No, Safe Fax does not charge to fax a cover letter with your fax.

Will I have a copy of the email that I sent as a fax?

Yes, you can see the email that you sent as a fax in your sent email folder.

What URL's websites can Safe Fax be found under?

Safe Fax can be found under two URL website names. Both websites are connected to the same business.